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has some fantastic local craft beers, we showcase something different. Our goal is to provide unique offerings that aren’t the same beers served at other bars around town. We handpick each selection of world-class craft beer from around the globe while paying special attention to quality and history. Often, we are fortunate to brew collaborative beers with local and regional breweries that are “Whale Exclusives”.

Well-behaved dogs are always welcome inside and on the patio. Food is available to be ordered from the Haywood Common Kitchen, which is adjacent to the bar.

We invite you to come in and enjoy a “White Whale” you have always wanted to try and have never gotten your hands on. Quench your thirst with your favorite ol’ reliable German pilsner. Pick a wild card and sip something you have never seen or heard of, but are glad you discovered it at The Whale :: A Craft Beer Collective.

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Thiccc :: @imprintbeerco slaps :: So does our party with @avlbrewers @eleventhhourbrewing @whitelabstapavl @riverbendmalt @cncmalt and more :: Party starts at 5 :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
Midweek Party with @avlbrewers TUESDAY! :: @penguins jerseys required for our 5pm kickoff! :: The 476 Appalachian Pale is a 5.9% hazy pale ale. The name comes from the distance in miles between Asheville and Pittsburgh, and features malt from @riverbendmalt (AVL) and @cncmalt (PA) as well as yeast from @whitelabsyeast . The beer was brewed onsite at @eleventhhourbrewing in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh :: Come show some AVL and. Party with us!! :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
Your favorite hole in the wall :: What a perfect day! :: Come help us finish the little bit of @blackprojectbeer on draft :: We love you :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
It’s a holiday paradise in here! :: OPEN AT 6pm :: Bring your leftovers and family out to enjoy! :: Fire pit is crackling, beers are flowing :: Happy Thanksgiving! :: Prost!
We are open tonight!!!! :: Our annual Thanksgiving Day Bash starts at 6pm :: Bring in leftovers to share, bring in or get away from the family :: We’re stoked to see ya! :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
The holidays are here! :: Come check out our newly decorated bar! :: WE ARE OPEN TOMORROW NIGHT :: 6pm :: TheWhaleColllective.com :: Prost!
Hop Heads United! We’ve got some killer fresh hops from @fontaflorabrew @toxbrewing @abominationbrewingco and @hopbutcher just to name a few :: We’re calling it at 9:30 tonight so we can get the place decorated :: The Hilo haze are here :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!