About The Whale

Owners Jesse Van Note and Andrew Ross became friends working together at an Asheville brewery many years ago. There was no shortage of beer around them at all times, but they still felt like something was missing in Asheville. 

After many bottle shares and late nights, the idea of a craft beer collective came about; a place that brought all the best beers from around the world under one roof. 

They opened The Whale :: A Craft Beer Collective as the first and original location in West Asheville in 2017. After the Whale AVL popped off, folks encouraged Jesse and Ross to expand their vision and they opened the Greenville location in 2019. Jesse had been playing shows in Greenville for years with his band Bask, and took a liking to the area. While the basic concept of the two bars is similar, they have a different look, feel, and menu from one another.  While they are only an hour away from each other, you can have a completely different experience at each location. Despite the differences, you will find some of the trademark features at all Whale locations, like a huge Whale skeleton hanging overhead.

The Whale CHS was born in September of 2021 as the third addition to the family. The Whale AVL’s longtime general manager, Jesse Mellinger, relocated to the coast to run the new spot. Hosting Zwanze Day as their epic grand opening, the Whale CHS hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. 

“A craft beer collective is something we spent a lot of time thinking about,” he says. “Most of our friends work in craft beer, and when we set out to do this, we wanted to approach it from a perspective of gathering the ideas about what we were lacking as a community and creating a space we all wanted to hang out in. We want to create something approachable, friendly, and also an elevated drinking experience.

HAPPY ORVAL DAY! :: Every year in May we celebrate “The Worlds Greatest Beer” :: Orval was first brewed in 1931 inside the walls of Abbaye Notre-Dame d’Orval where it is still brewed to this day :: Orval is a truly magical & one of a kind Trappist Ale that is always available at all Whale locations but you should drink one today because it’s Orval Day! :: Open 2-12 :: PROST!
SATURDAY! CHEAP MERCH! BEER! FUN! :: Tomorrow we’ve teamed up with @dssolvr to bring you the best yard sale you’ll ever go to! :: Make sure to peep the reel! :: Lunch provided by @haywoodcommon as always :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
Today!! :: Dance Party and Tap Takeover with @widowmakerbrew and @dimitrivibes :: Party starts rocking at 6pm :: Come cool down with a cold beer shine shaking your hips :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
We’re getting stoked for the rest of this week! Wooooooo! :: Nature Boy NEEDS YOU TO KNOW THE DETAILS :: Thursday, Tap Takeover with @widowmakerbrew and booty shaking patio dance party with @dimitrivibes :: SATURDAY, Blowhole Clearance Bonanza :: Peep our latest reel thanks to @dssolvr @dssolvr_taproom for all the details 💎🖐🤚🚀 :: Here til at least 10pm :: TheWhaleCollective.com :: Prost!
With over 100 bottles/cans of beer, wine, cider, sake, mead and non-alcoholic beverages The Whale has something for everyone :: We'll be slinging the goods all night! :: Full list @ TheWhaleCollective.com ::PROST!
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