Prison Pals Takeover

Prison Pals Takeover

12:00 PM - 11:00 PM | West Asheville, NC

Thursday, August 11, 2022

We hope you’ll be here on Thirsty Thursday, August 11th to welcome Prison Pals Brewing Co. to The Whale. Prison Pals not only has a great story of getting their start in Argentina and then moving to Florida but they also have really great beers.

Two things will stand out when you try one of their brews: the crazy drinkability and the fantastic quality. They chose three styles to focus on so they could hone their craft: smoothie sours, hazy IPAs, and lagers.

Some of the Prison Pals folks will be hanging out with us and we’re super stoked to have them.

About Prison Pals


The story begins in Argentina in 2018 with Juan dreaming about doing business in the US. After some months spent thinking about what to do, he finally decided on starting a brewery. Beer brings joy and makes people happy (can anyone judge him?).

With that in mind, he scouted for the best team he could recruit. Here’s where Bruno and Diego enter this story.
They share three main characteristics:

  1. Being highly qualified
  2. Feeling like prisoners in their own land
  3. A passion for world-class beer

Prision – Spanish for Prison – started taking its current shape.

They found the perfect spot to start their brewery in Doral. Its amazing water and added state-of-the-art equipment are a perfect match to produce the best beers.

They are building their own fate.

Why The Brewery Name Is So Important:

Via Hop Culture: The name Prison Pals* is very important to Pipkin, Laperchuck, and Setti, who used the first letters of their last names to form the word Pals.

But perhaps it’s the first word of their brewery name—Prison—that holds the most significance.

“We escaped the prison,” says Setti. “The prison was Argentina.”

According to Setti and Pipkin, the economic situation in Argentina is very challenging.

“For example, this project made in Argentina would take me sixty to eighty years to recover the money we invested,” says Pipkin. “Or we’d have to get lucky and be bought by AB InBev.”

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