Jenga Tournament

Jenga Tournament

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM | Haw Creek, NC

Monday, January 29, 2024

Break out your sweatbands, it’s about to get serious. Prove your Jenga skills, drink beer, and win prizes.

Sign up to participate in our Jenga Tournament on Monday, January 29th at 6:30 pm. Make sure to sign up in advance so you make it onto the bracket. It will be a single elimination bracket but we’ll have giant Jenga set up for eliminated players.

The champion will take home the Jenga Tournament Trophy, a gift card to The Whale Outpost for your next visit, and some other goodies.

Jenga Tournament Rules:

1. Center blocks cannot under any circumstances be removed from the tower.

2. Only one block can be touched at one time, meaning it is illegal to stabilize the tower by touching any more than one block, or to push the tower whilst removing a given piece.

3.  Players may not remove any pieces from the top three FILLED rows, or any of the pieces placed above these rows.

4. From the moment (Player A) initially touches the tower, to the moment of (Player B)’s initial contact, it is (Player A)’s turn, and will be charged with the loss if the tower fails to remain standing at any given point during this time frame. 

5. No part, whether it be half or all if it, may the tower be lifted from either the table or the block(s) it is resting on.

6. It is circumstantially up to the spectators or witnesses of the match to decide how far a block may be pulled out before it cannot be abandoned. If the block is deemed unfit to be abandoned, the player is allowed to re-position it until considered suitable.

7. Players will have 30 seconds to complete their turn.