Halfway Crooks Takeover

Halfway Crooks Takeover

12:00 PM - 11:00 PM | West Asheville, NC

Thursday, May 12, 2022

We are featuring Halfway Crooks brews at The Whale

We are looking forward to featuring Halfway Crooks here at The Whale AVL. Halfway Crooks make some of the finest brews in Atlanta. We’ll be pouring some of them on draft and will also have cans for you to take home with you.

About Halfway Crooks:

Halfway Crooks’ theme and eatery choices are deeply engrained by the personalities of the owners. Co-owner Shawn Bainbridge and Tim Kilic are both electrical engineers who got a chance to nerd out while designing many of the bar’s features. The third co-owner, Belgium-born brewer Joran Van Ginderachte, brought both his love for his country’s good eats and ability to brew a nice pint to the mix. Halfway Crooks features Belgian-style brews and barrel-aged beers but they also brew everything from radlers to German Pilsners to IPAs, and more! They have something for everybody.

Halfways Crooks Beer Code of Conduct:

The man is camped on a great plain with a small fire providing a flickering light and intermittent warmth. Tiny wisps of smoke ascend into a vast, clear night sky. Tomorrow the sheep will move, leaving behind today. After ten steps these are lost from sight and smell, probably forever. With them he leaves too his brief speculation about sky and earth, brought on by the calmness of night, and he peers toward the horizon in search of beauty, love, and lager.

It’s going to be good beer and a good time so make sure you come out and see us. For more happenings at The Whale, check out our events page.