Evening Market :: The Whale Outpost

Evening Market :: The Whale Outpost

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM | Haw Creek, NC

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Sip & shop at our Sunday Evening Market!

Vendors are Abbey Aura, Silas Sauce, Little Wild Bloom, Brans Bakery, and Fifth Season, with food available from Boy Howdy. Learn more about the vendors below.

Abbey Aura

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From 2012-2000 Abbey painted at over 80 events and concerts as she explored the acrylic paint medium. She began her formal art training at the Milan Art Institute in 2021 where she began to work with oil paints and found her voice.

Abbey works with bold abstract inks and mixed media to begin her paintings. Each piece is finished with large geometric shapes juxtaposed against cloudy atmospheric perspectives. Her use of light, color, and shapes creates a kaleidoscopic dreamy landscape, that viewers can be transported into their own dream work where anything is possible.

Silas Sauce

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Silas Sauce was founded on our love of dogs and of course, music! After the passing of our beloved Silas and 15 years of Restaurant Management and Executive Chef life, Nathan Schmidt took a step away to focus on his own venture.

Creating bold and fun hot sauce flavors has always been a passion, and we decided to take it to the next level! Here at Silas Sauce we focus on flavor before heat and using quality local ingredients. Each of our sauces is a representation of our dogs and their unique personalities through FLAVOR!

Little Wild Bloom


Stephanie transitioned from being a full-time hairstylist to a mostly stay-at-home mom and longed for a creative outlet. Inspired by the amazing farmer florists of the PNW, she picked up some blooms and started arranging them. She found the similarities between good hair and good flowers striking – color, balance, texture – it all translates.

Becoming a florist and sharing in so many celebrations of love, life, and happiness has been humbling and overwhelmingly fulfilling – the ultimate dream come true.

Fifth Season

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Fifth Season Gardening Company began in 2000 with the opening of Asheville Agricultural Systems in Asheville, NC, followed by stores in Durham, NC in 2002 and Greensboro, NC in 2004, both under the Carolina Hydrogardens name. In 2006, they merged our locations under a single name, and Fifth Season Gardening Company was born. In 2008, in addition to their traditional offerings of hydroponic and organic gardening supplies, they began carrying beer and wine-making products.  Since then, they have added a variety of products for the home and garden, including an extensive collection of houseplants and supplies and items for urban homesteading.

Despite their multiple locations, they are a small family business and pride themselves on a history of excellent customer service and commitment to the varied needs of indoor gardeners, organic growers, and do-it-yourself folks of all kinds.

Boy Howdy Smash Burgers

A fantastic smash burger pop-up that is proudly serving Chop Shop local beef.

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Brans Bakery

A local artist who creates suncatchers, resin art & wire-wrapped things‚ú® Her home decor helps you to create a unique space.