Altered States Festival Tap Features @ The Whale West Asheville

Altered States Festival Tap Features @ The Whale West Asheville

12:00 PM - 10:00 PM | West Asheville, NC

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Since Whale on Wheels will be pulled up at 8th State Brewing’s Altered States Festival on March 11, we are highlighting some of their insane lineup this Thursday, March 9th. We will have a killer tap feature here at our West Asheville location.

Featured Breweries:

Lua Brewing

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Home of decocted Snappy Bois, Smushburgers, Hazer Lazers, Flatty Monsters, thicc stouts, house-harvested caviar, and all manner of painstakingly crafted provisions.

Lua Brewing was born, in most ways, when founders Scott and Whitney Selix met while working together at a craft beer bar. After a decade together brewing, serving beer and food, and traveling near and far for unique victual experiences, they decided to open Lua in historic Sherman Hill.

As fortune sometimes works, close friend Zack Dunbar (then lead brewer at Forager Brewing in Rochester, MN) was looking for a new beer adventure at the same time. Chef James Arbaugh joined the team after leaving Michelin-starred Plumed Horse in the Bay Area to move to Des Moines. Together, they created Lua, which opened its doors in November 2019.

Phase Three Brewing

88329 Phase Three

phase one Shaun, Evan, and Brittany all started working with each other at a restaurant and brewery in Schaumburg, Illinois. Shaun and Brittany would later get married and have two beautiful children together, Avery and Kaden.

Shaun and Evan became best friends, so much so that Evan was the best man at his wedding. while at the restaurant and brewery, Shaun started making some pretty exciting beers and was able to get a good name for himself for it. Brittany, who has a graphic design degree, was designing one-off labels for him. and Evan, was busy managing the restaurant and brewery and helping to coordinate beer release events that we’re gaining traction on. Things were getting pretty exciting. 

phase two Shaun eventually moved on to a new brewery down in villa park and helped get their beer program built up from the ground. Brittany continued designing labels for the beer there and shortly after opening, Evan came on board to be the general manager. After a couple of years, the three of them decided it was time to do something on their own. 

phase three they reached out to a brewery up in Lake Zurich, Illinois, which had some room for them to start contract brewing. The brewery was able to help them out and offered them two tanks to use once every three weeks. Fast-forward about nine months later when Shaun, Evan, and Brittany had a full team of people helping brew, package, and distribute beer. they also worked out a deal to purchase all of the equipment and take over the lease and start operations in Lake Zurich on their own.

Phase Three Brewing is a culmination of everything the three have learned in the industry, collectively and thoughtfully put together. Growing from those two tanks to now having more than 12 tanks, the ride has been scary and stressful, but most importantly, extremely fun and satisfying for them to watch it turn into what it is today.

Phase Three Brewing has been a passion project for everyone involved and we take our quality and beer seriously and strive to constantly improve. we all hope to see you one day and share a beer and get to know you. we cannot express how thankful we are to be in an industry like this and have the tremendous support we get from our fans

The Drowned Lands Brewery

The Drowned Lands is a farm brewery founded as an homage to the dirt on which it is built.

It is a culmination of year of exploration and inspiration from the land. The beer they create takes its cues from the riches soil in the country – connected to both time and place – inspired by old-world techniques and modern innovation.

Anything worth doing takes time, so slow down and stay a while.

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In addition, we’ll have some limited kegs from our friends at Resident Culture. Whole Cone hazy, anyone?!?!

Looking to score some packaged beer for the house from these brands? We’ll have you covered at The Outpost with a killer package drop.

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