Poppin' Bottles with The Bruery

Poppin’ Bottles with The Bruery

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM | Greenville, SC

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Join us on Thursday, February 1st when we showcase some killer Barrel Aged Stouts from The Bruery! Known for their award-winning barrel-aged stouts, The Bruery has been a trendsetter in the world of dark beer for years. We’ll be offering pours of 4 different BA Stouts throughout the night. Micah & Ash from The Bruery will be in the house to answer any questions you may have about the beer. Bottles will start cracking at 4:00 PM and they won’t last long.

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About The Bruery

To understand what makes The Bruery truly special, you first have to understand how we started: just Patrick Rue in his kitchen with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for how interesting beer can be. It was his passion and insatiable curiosity that led him to open a brewery, build a team of world-class like-minded brewers and eventually earn the title of Master Cicerone. This unique combination of unwavering creativity, unquestionable expertise, and relentless innovation, drive us to craft beers that quite frankly, might change the way you think about beer. 

Taste Over Style. This really sums up our brewing philosophy. We never shoot for a specific style, instead we let taste act as our compass. We take our inspiration from the culinary world, traditional beer styles, natural ingredients, vineyards and even junk food, but wherever that journey takes us – taste is our guide.

Like Nothing You’ve Ever Tasted Before This is our promise, and our goal. Every time you open a beer from The Bruery, we love to see the wow on your face, and the “how’d they do that?” in your eyes. Ultimately we believe this experience just makes live a little bit more interesting. Our beers spark conversations, complement meals, and bring people together. They might even change the way you think about beer.

We hope to see everyone on February 1st. You probably won’t ever see these beers again so get them while you can. Prost!