Humble Sea Takeover

Humble Sea Takeover

12:00 PM - 11:00 PM | West Asheville, NC

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Humble Sea is crashing into The Whale AVL.

We are looking forward to featuring Humble Sea Brewing Co. here at The Whale AVL. Coming to us from Santa Cruz, California, Humble Sea is on the list of the best Hazy IPAs recommended by brewers and one of the 12 best breweries of 2020 by Hop Culture.

About Humble Sea:

They are a tiny crew of kooks trying their hardest to firstly, get pitted on the reg, and secondly (and arguably more importantly) make the best beery liquid known to humankind. They are here to forge new trails on the path of kookiness.

Humble Sea started as a fiercely underfunded collaboration between 3 childhood friends from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The brewery was bootstrapped on a 1 barrel brewing system, their cofounder, Nick’s grandmother-in-law’s farm in rural Ben Lomond before the boys had enough guts (and bucks) to open the brewery and taproom on the Westside of Santa Cruz.

Humble Sea likes to think of its beer as a vehicle for change. Romantic right? But really, who wants to save whales without drinking a beer? Since the beginning, they’ve obsessed over the humble vision of becoming a community hub to support ocean-based causes and human rights issues. They’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars and gobs of awareness for local groups and non-profits thanks to the community of Santa Cruz, the Bay Area, and beyond.

But first, there was homebrew. In 2009, their head brewer Nick Pavlina began homebrewing under the alias of Humble Sea. After several national homebrew medals, he pitched opening a brewery in late 2014 to cofounders Taylor West and Frank Scott Krueger. Collaboration occurred. A team formed. Humble Sea Brewing Co. ascended upwards and into the billowy fog of soft water profiles and Southern Hemispheric aromas.

It’s going to be a great time and a great opportunity to try some killer beers from Humble Sea. We’ll feature them on tap and have a selection of cans to go! For more happenings at The Whale AVL, check out our event page.